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Season 1 Episode 9

Dead Reckoning

Air Date: 11/26/2018

When Ben and Michaela put everything on the line to save the other missing passengers, the mission goes horribly awry and not everyone makes it out alive....

Season 1 Episode 8

Point of No Return

Air Date: 11/19/2018

Ben forms an unlikely partnership with Vance in a high-stakes race to locate the missing passengers of Flight 828....

Season 1 Episode 7


Air Date: 11/12/2018

With the detained passengers secretly moved and subjected to painful experimentation - and Cal's health directly linked to them - Ben takes advantage of an old friend to find out where the passengers were taken....

Season 1 Episode 6

Off Radar

Air Date: 11/05/2018

When Cal wakes with a life-threatening fever, Grace worries it's a side-effect of his experimental cancer treatment, but Michaela and Ben suspect Cal's condition may be related to a mysterious passenger from Flight 828....

Season 1 Episode 5

Connecting Flights

Air Date: 10/22/2018

Stories unfold for those left behind in the aftermath of Flight 828's disappearance....

Season 1 Episode 4

Unclaimed Baggage

Air Date: 10/15/2018

When a mysterious message leads Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) to the flight attendant of 828, she enlists Ben's (Josh Dallas) help in uncovering a secret about the plane....

Season 1 Episode 3


Air Date: 10/08/2018

Ben and Michaela investigate a shocking murder in fear that it's connected to Flight 828....

Season 1 Episode 2


Air Date: 10/01/2018

The passengers from Flight 828 find themselves under government scrutiny as they struggle to resume their lives....

Season 1 Episode 1


Air Date: 09/24/2018

Returning to New York from a family vacation in Jamaica, the Stone family is separated when adult siblings Michaela and Ben, along with Ben's gravely ill son Cal, are bumped to a later flight, while Ben's wife, daughter and parents fly ahead....