Mad Men Spoilers: Are Fans Correct About Megan’s Death in the Finale?

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June 10, 2013


On the May 26th episode of Mad Men, Megan wore a t-shirt with a red star (pictured:right) — the same as that worn by actress Sharon Tate in a 1967 Esquire article, two years before she was stabbed to death. In a report from TV Guide, Mad Men showrunner Matthew Weiner speaks about the fan-speculated murder of Don Draper’s wife on the sixth season finale of the AMC drama.

“It’s just a coincidence. Rosemary’s Baby was a best seller, and I’ve wanted Megan in a real T-shirt [from the era] for a couple of seasons. We’re not yet in 1969, so [no Manson] this season. He’s not in New York.” There’s a lot of death on this show, and sometimes the audience mistakes symbolism. I hope the audience finds our finale intriguing and emotional.”

‘Mad Men’ season 6 wraps-up on Sunday, June 23.