The Lying Game Spoilers: Allie Gonino Talks Season 2

The Lying Game Spoilers: Allie Gonino Talks Season 2

If you can't wait for season 2 of the Lying Game, which premieres on Tuesday, January 1. You're in luck Allie Gonino who plays Laurel on the ABC show sat down with Hollywood Life to spoil 5 things for the upcoming season!

1. The premiere picks up, not exactly where we left off, but shortly after. The first episode picks up when we go to court to see Alec’s trial. It’s a couple weeks after that whole situation,at the wedding, happened.”

2. Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) is basically trying to tear Ted and Kristin’s marriage apart to get back together with Ted. So whenever Laurel finds out about the twins, and that Sutton has been working with Rebecca, it has a big effect on where she aligns herself.

3. Emma (Alexandra Chando) finally tells Laurel about her, Rebecca and Sutton. So Laurel has a bit of an internal struggle about what to do with the situation. She gets more involved as the season goes on.

4. There’s actually a new boy coming to town this season who ruffles everyone’s feathers (played by 90210's Ryan Rottman) and his name is Jordan.”
(Sidenote: Randy Wayne‘s Justin is nowhere to be seen in season two.)

5. "My band The Good Mad, which is called Strangeworthy on the show, is going to be performing on the first two episodes of the second season."