The Lying Game Season 2 Spoilers: Who Dies?

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January 16, 2013

According to The Hollywood Reporter one of the Lying Game‘s season 2 run, one of the show’s major characters will die!

The Lying game only has 10 episodes for season 2 so you can expect the death to occur in the later half of the season.

“Expect a lot of twists, turns and melodrama — and maybe even somebody else dies,” executive producer Chuck Pratt Jr.”The stakes continue to be life and death.We have felt that in the second season we’re about to go to all the places that we really wanted to go — in some cases, places we never thought we would be able to go or ever have the opportunity. It’s been a special 10 episodes.”

Sounds like someone will meet a dramatic end. Who will it be? Will the show follow the books and kill one of the twins? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

  • lisalou

    If they kill off a twin then there will no point in even watching anymore. Having twins keeps the suspense up.

  • Lindsay

    there’s plenty of suspense in the books where Sutton’s been dead the whole time and is there as a ghost attached to Emma who never met her and is trying to find out who killed her twin while in danger herself and pretending to be the twin she never knew. I need to get back reading them but homework gets in the way and they make me a little jumpy at night