Lying Game Season 2: Charisma Carpenter Talks Rebecca's Role

In a recent interview with TVLine , Charisma Carpenter (Rebecca) had a lot to say about Rebecca's role in Season 2 and what's to come:

“She is a puppet master,” she responded (with a certain amount of pride). “She’s got her fingers in everybody’s lives.” Carpenter said that when the show returns this winter, with only 10 days having passed on screen, viewers will see how Sutton came to learn of her true birth mother as well as why the two women are keeping the news under wraps (“It’s for Emma’s protection…. The less people who know, the better”). As for Rebecca’s nascent marriage to Alec (Adrian Pasdar), Carpenter laughed, “Well, he’s in jail [for Derek's murder], so it’s not going that well! But he’s a very smart man, so I’m not worried about him. But [as Rebecca] I’m worried for myself, so I’d rather keep him in jail!”

What do you guys think? Make your predictions for what's to come on TLG in the comments below!