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Legends of Tomorrow Spoilers: EP explains how Wally West will join the team in season 3

Legends of Tomorrow Spoilers: EP explains how Wally West will join the team in season 3

Keiynan Lonsdale is officially boarding the cast of Legends of Tomorrow on the show's Feb. 19th episode as Wally West aka Kid Flash.

Speaking with EW, exec producer Marc Guggenheim has offered a tease on what brings him on to join the Waverider team. He said: 

We’re basically following his trajectory from The Flash. He’s gone on a walkabout, and he kind of feels like he doesn’t fit in anywhere, which makes him perfect for Legends because Legends is a whole team full of people who don’t fit in anywhere. So, Wally is basically brought to the team by Rip Hunter, of all people — so you will definitely see him back — and once he meets them, he decides this is a really good group to stay with.


As to whether the back half of season 3 will continue to lean into horror elements, the EP offered: 

Yeah, I mean, we’re dealing with a time demon, so there are a fair amount of horror elements. I don’t like using the word “horror,” because, to me, “horror” implies, like, fears and frights and things that, quite frankly, we’re just not doing. I would definitely say we dabble in the supernatural. Not in every episode by any means, but we’ve got a few episodes where there’s supernatural goings-on.


On Mallus' orbit, the EP revealed that fans should not expect the Big Bad in the flesh immediately. He added: 

We’re saving it toward the end of the year. He will be a fully CG character. The design of him is really cool. We’re really pushing the envelope in terms of what we can do with the visual effects on the show.


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Source: EW