Law and Order SVU Season 15 Spoilers: Rafael Barba's Arc Previewed


In case you missed it, Law and Order: SVU has recently upped actor Raul Esperza as series regular for its forthcoming 15th season.

On that note, EW spoke to showrunner Warren Leight and hashed out the next trajectory for Esperza's character, DA Rafael Barba.

Keep reading for the spoilers:

In one episode this season, for example, an old friend of Barba’s will come back into his life while running for mayor, and, as you might expect, it won’t be a seamless reunion. “The mayoral campaign in New York has been fraught with scandal, as you know, so we may touch on some of that this year,” says Leight. “We’ll get to know him a bit more and we’ll see him lobbying….he’s pretty…when the squad passes the baton over to the D.A.’s office, they know they have someone who can run as fast as they do, and that’s helpful to us in terms of storytelling.”
Leight warns, though, “he’s not without flaws and we’ll be looking at them.”
Meanwhile, look for Barba to also carry some guilt over the situation we left poor Olivia in. “I would say almost all the people on the squad have a degree of guilt about Lewis getting off,” Leight teases. “If he had been able to get the conviction on Lewis…they all feel like if they could have done something differently, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Bonus tease: That premiere episode? One of the most “harrowing” the show has ever done, Leight says. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

Here's the first promo for Law and Order: SVU season 15, watch it below: