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Law And Order Svu

Season 19 Episode 8


Air Date: 12/06/2017

The cops get tangled in an elaborate online hoax that leads to the rape of a popular social media star. Meanwhile, Benson sets firm ground rules with Sheila...

Season 19 Episode 7

Something Happened

Air Date: 11/29/2017

Benson must disclose the secrets of her past to help a rape victim recall the details of one terrible, traumatic night....

Season 19 Episode 6

Unintended Consequences

Air Date: 11/08/2017

When a teenaged girl is found dead, Rollins goes undercover at a high-end rehab center where the victim was last seen alive....

Season 19 Episode 5


Air Date: 10/25/2017

A ten-year-old kidnapping case is reopened when a young woman is found wandering Central Park alone....

Season 19 Episode 4

No Good Reason

Air Date: 10/18/2017

A teenager disappears after schoolmates make her the subject of a vicious cyberbullying attack....

Season 19 Episode 3


Air Date: 10/11/2017

When a man is found castrated and left for dead, Rollins and Carisi uncover three female suspects with possible motives....

Season 19 Episode 2


Air Date: 10/04/2017

The bizarre details of a woman's rape put the SVU at odds when Rollins and Carisi think her story is fabricated....

Season 19 Episode 1

Gone Fishin'

Air Date: 09/27/2017

When Fin crosses international borders to catch a fugitive rapist, a political tug-of-war derails Barba's legal case....

Season 18 Episode 21

Sanctuary (Season Finale Part 2)

Air Date: 05/24/2017

The unexpected release of a suspect in a hate crime case leaves Benson and Barba caught between two families seeking justice for their loved ones....

Season 18 Episode 19


Air Date: 05/17/2017

When a young woman is raped by a member of her church group, Barba must argue that the First Amendment doesn't entitle a person to break the law....

Season 18 Episode 18


Air Date: 05/10/2017

The SVU investigates a charismatic spiritual healer when a client claims he incapacitated and assaulted her using hypnosis...

Season 18 Episode 17

Real Fake News

Air Date: 05/03/2017

A congressman falsely accused of soliciting underage girls asks SVU to debunk the rumor, but the investigation leads to a real sex trafficking ring....

Season 18 Episode 16

The Newsroom

Air Date: 04/26/2017

Benson and Barba ask witnesses to put their jobs on the line after a news anchor makes an on-air disclosure of rape against her boss...

Season 18 Episode 15

Know It All

Air Date: 04/05/2017

A man under investigation for rape and murder threatens to expose the secrets of those working the case...

Season 18 Episode 14

Net Worth

Air Date: 03/29/2017

A top-level investment banker accuses her billionaire client of rape...

Season 18 Episode 13


Air Date: 03/22/2017

An investigation hits a nerve with Benson when a suspect claims his genetics causes him to commit rape....

Season 18 Episode 12

No Surrender

Air Date: 02/22/2017

Fin revisits his military roots when a fellow Army Ranger (guest star Sarah Booth) struggles to recover from a sexual assault....

Season 18 Episode 11

Great Expectations

Air Date: 02/15/2017

The SVU investigates the players of a top youth hockey team after a vicious locker room hazing....

Season 18 Episode 10

Motherly Love (400th Episode)

Air Date: 02/08/2017

A teenaged boy uses a rifle to stop an assault on his mother, but soon learns the target was someone he knows....

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