Last Resort Spoilers: The Aftermath of Killing The Defense Secretary; Plus, Scoop on Sophie’s Minerals

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October 31, 2012

Previously on Last Resort..

Capt. Marcus Chaplin and X.O. Sam Kendall were visited by the Secretary of Defense to negotiate.Meanwhile on the sub, Lt. Grace Shephard took charge on a crucial operation to replace a battery in the ring of sonar arrays around the island.

However, things have gone out of control when the Secretary of Defense finds out about Shepard’s order to fire against another attacking submarine. When a phone call was made by the opposing sub to confirm a major blow to the USS Colorado, her father, Admiral Shephard fired a bullet to the Secretary of Defense to save her life.

How will this major turn out of events affect the army of Chaplin and Kendall? Find out what’s coming up next on this spoiler report we learned from TV Guide. Also ahead, find out what the showrunners tease about Sophie’s minerals.

The consequences of Shooting the Secretary of Defense.

“His actions make it harder for Kylie to interact with him. I mean, he’s dragged away by Marines, and he just shot the Secretary of Defense. It will certainly have consequences. As for Capt. Chaplin & Co., they may not need the admiral as an ally to sustain their new civilization.”

What’s up with Sophie and the minerals she was testing?

“If they do exist, do they represent a means of surviving for Marcus and the crew? How does it change the way the outside world views them?”

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