Last Resort Spoilers: “Nuclear Mad Man” Chaplin — Survives Assassination Attempts By His Own Men!

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October 17, 2012

The intense happening around ABC’s military drama, Last Resort make the audience hungry for more underlying conspiracies. At present, the US Colorado has permanently settled in an island miles away from America. With the “nuclear mad man” calling the shots, how far along can Chaplin survive the sinister plots devised by some of his fellow navy officers? In a recent report, we learned that in an upcoming episode, Chaplin will stave off a killing attempt in his life not once, but twice.

  • A good portion of the men under Chaplin’s command are becoming a bit antsy about their current assignment. Chaplin will have to stave off not one, but two assassination attempts by his own men. These brushes with death will force Chaplin to consider letting some of the crew leave the island and head home.

Source: TV Guide