Last Resort Spoilers: Karl Gajdusek Talks "Cinderella Liberty" Episode and The Finale

Last Resort Spoilers: Karl Gajdusek Talks "Cinderella Liberty" Episode and The Finale

Last Resort may have gotten the boot from ABC but the creator of the show is sticking to his guns, and that is to continue to bring the audiences a riveting military drama experience. In an interview with THR, Executive producer Karl Gajdusek opened up about the finale episode. Can team Colorado get a happy ending on the land of Uncle Sam or will audience be left with a major cliffhanger?

Below is the EP's quoted statement revealing his thoughts about the 'wonderful' ending ---

"It was already a climactic episode, so it was only a matter of us bringing a few of the story lines more into it and bring them to a conclusion. We wanted to make it an exciting, wonderful wrap-up of the season, at least. It wasn't like we started again on page one, partially because we already had a climactic episode in the bag. But we did make alterations trying to give everyone who loves the show closure and something great to finish with."

Additionally, the report continued whit a question all fans of Last Resort are dying to know -- "Will members of the Colorado leave the island and go back to States?" The EP did not give any assurances but he teased that, "Very soon you'll see some of the characters leave the island and go abroad for awhile".

For next week's installment titled "Cinderella Liberty", we got a few hints too! Here are a few points to tease your Last Resort addiction!

A lot of the strands we opened up in the pilot and major questions of the entire series come to a head. Because our characters have been so busy basically staying alive, we haven't fully addressed [those issues]. There are questions of what happened with these Navy SEALs, who are they and what do they have to do with the whole thing. All those questions will be answered in the next episode. Also, the ramifications of what happened in Pakistan come home to roost.

'Last Resort' airs every Thursday on ABC.