Jane by Design – Offically Canceled

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August 29, 2012

I’m sorry to announce that the TV show Jane by Design has been canceled by ABC FAMILY, due to poor ratings. The show averaged 1.3 million per episode and scored only a 0,4 rating in its final episode.

Will you be sad to see this show go?

  • Lali

    yes …this show is really good…Keepp it goingg !

  • blawy

    Of course I’ll be sad
    , at least we deserve a good ending .

  • nour

    we want this show back

  • huhuhu

    Don’t let it finish. So many people want to see it ending!!!!! “Jane By Design” is an amazing show; it mixes school life with work and trying to fit in a high school. Romance between Billy and Jane is one of the aspects that makes this serie so cathching, good and engaging. There were 1.3 million people watching this episode, 1.3 million. How can you cancel a show that had 1.3 million vieweres on their last episode? I think you can’t just cancel a show because maybe SOME people gave it a low rating; it is not reliable, maybe they did it on purpose and were just joking. I must imagine that not everyone voted, not even 5000 people. So just consider, please. It is a really good show, it has everything a teenage girl worries about. Don’t cancel it…

  • Caty

    There are a lot of people who like this show and the fans want to see a happy ending. We want to see Jane and Billy together, so this show has to have a second season or at least more episodes for us too see a beautiful end.

  • nads

    please keep it going!!! I’m thrilled of what’s coming up next!! Please Please Oh Please … :((( I already finished the 18 episodes … what’s next after the play??? Oh c’mon :(((

  • Jenn

    This stinks!! I love that show!