How To Live With Your Parents Promotional Poster and Spoilers

How To Live With Your Parents Promotional Poster and Spoilers

ABC is set to launch another new comedy titled "How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest of Your Life)" this spring. The rookie sitcom which premieres on Wednesday, April 3rd stars Sarah Chalke, Elizabeth Perkins, Rachel Eggleston and Brad Garrett.


Here are a few spoilers about the show:

Polly (Sarah Chalke) is a single mom who's been divorced for almost a year. The transition wasn't easy for her, especially in this economy. So, like a lot of young people living in this new reality, she turned to her parents for a little help. Polly and her daughter Natalie have moved back home with her eccentric parents, Elaine (Elizabeth Perkins) and Max (Brad Garrett), a couple who are full of life, which seems to always collide with hers. And after a year, it kind of feels like a life sentence. Polly's determined to be "the best single working mother in the Universe", the mom she never had, and so far it hasn't been a cakewalk. Polly and her parents look at life through two different lenses. Polly's too uptight. Her parents are too laid back.

Source: ABC, IMDB

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