Spoilers For The Next Two Episodes of 'How I Met YOur Mother'

In the Feb. 7 episode on How I Met Your Mother, "Oh Honey", Marshall is looking for a distraction from all the sadness. Spoilers on episode 6.15 and 6.16 below:

This episode starts up with Marshall calling back home and saying, ‘Guys, I’m in Minnesota. I’m dealing with the loss of my father; it’s a lot. Now, talk to me, and tell me a story. Tell me something that has nothing to do with my father or death or anything bad. I want some gossip, and I want to be distracted. Go.’

Don’t be fooled, though. It is very much a Ted-centric episode (with guest star Katy Perry) that feels like “old-school How I Met Your Mother.

Looking ahead one more week, Lily will be missing Marshall so much as Valentine’s Day approaches, she takes matters into her own tiny, slightly creepy hands.

“Lily’s missing Marshall so badly that she has a body pillow that she’s started sleeping with that she’s started to anthropomorphize it in a weird way. She’s starting to throw Marshall’s shirt on it and talk to it. There’s some really funny stuff,”

And what about the baby Marshmallow we were hoping the happy couple would be making this season?

“It doesn’t feel real that we jump right back, ‘All right let’s go have sex. My dad just died. Let’s get back on the baby train immediately,’” Thomas says. “Ultimately, we’re going to see Lily and Marshall get through this tragic time and see what it means for them as they move forward in their lives. Is there going to be a light at the end of the tunnel for Marshall and Lily? For sure.”

Source: Interview with Co-creator and EP Craig Thomas via eOnline