How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Spoilers: Closing Scene to be set in 2030?

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January 23, 2014

New spoilers for the upcoming series finale of How I Met Your Mother have arrived, hinting at just how the hit-comedy will sign off!

The series finale titled “Last Forever,” like most HIMYM episodes, will fiddle with the timeline. “We’re a very time-jumpy show, so you will see a lot of the future and where everyone is in the end,” HIMYM boss Craig Thomas says. But when questioned if the end will be like past 2030? Thomas hinted “Well, that is the future!” he says with a wink.

Thomas also admitted that he and co-creator Carter Bays haven’t written the finale yet, but “we know what the last minute or two is like.”

Source: TVGuide

How do you want the series to sign-off?

  • BettyBoop

    How do I want the show to end…QUICKLY!!! This show has lived far beyond its actual life which ended several years ago with the dumbest story lines tossed in as a buffer just to keep viewers holding on for the answer to the question…who is the mother. Then ppl have to suffer through 8 more stupid episodes before this is revealed. Then the writers are going to do this all over again with a new series about some idiot behind a camera talking to her kids about how she met their Dad? This show needs to go off the air sooner rather than later and the new show…will be canceled before it ever reaches anything near nine annoying years.