How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Spoilers: The Creators Talk Final Slapes And Possible Spin-Offs

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Spoilers: The Creators Talk Final Slapes And Possible Spin-Offs

The creators of How I Met Your Mother have revealed new spoilers on final slaps, flashbacks and more for the upcoming ninth and final season. Check out what they had to say below.

Knowing season 8 could of been the last.. Craig Thomas: There was stuff that we were never, ever going to do unless it continued to season nine, which was the cool part. We're doing stuff as early as the season nine premiere that I never thought that we would do. There is stuff involving Ted and the mother and the mother coming into the world of our gang that I never thought we would do. Now we get to, only through season nine.

The ending being filmed ages ago?.. Carter Bays: That's true, in an amazing stroke that was probably more naivety than anything else. In the off chance the show would go on a long time we sort of covered our bases. We knew how we wanted to end the series right from the beginning so we decided to go ahead and shoot it. We haven't looked at the footage yet. It's interesting because we know what's on there, but we haven't actually sat down and looked at it. Hopefully, no one taped over it.

First person to meet the mother.. It's kind of a surprise. It taught us Cristin Milloti has chemistry with everyone! reveals Craig Thomas. She just has immediate chemistry and that's also something I would say about Josh [Radnor]. Josh has amazing chemistry with people. When they finally do get together it's going to be amazing. She's just instantly charming! She's just perfect. It is zero percent second guessing and zero percent regret.

Mother flash-forwards? I think season nine is going to have more flash-forwards than a lot of other seasons. We can't say how or what they are, but it's more of a flash-forward season than any before Craig Thomas reveals.

Carter added that "Without giving the context or how it happens, we're going to get to see happily ever after. We'll see that and there will be more tears. He added that Now that we have a face to the mother , an actress, a voice and a person playing this part there is a lot of fun stuff that we get to do that we haven't been able to do".

Spin-offs/Min-series.. Anything is possible! I don't want to confirm or deny that. You never know. There is "CSI: Miami." Maybe it's "How I Met Your Father: Miami." revealed Craig.

Writing the whole-season over a weekend?..  "It turns these episodes into really suspenseful episodes. Some episodes are more set in that wedding weekend than others. We're "How I Met Your Mother." We have the escape hatch of lots of flashing back, flashing forward and crazy storytelling the way we do so we're not in some little box of this. You will see the bar. You will see the apartment. You will see the world of our show, but it's been invigorating" says Craig.

The final slaps!!.. They are coming! Carter elaborated on the previously revealed "Slaps-giving 3." episode. "The title is "Slap-pointment in Slap-marra." It's a reference to the Middle Eastern fable called Appointment in Samarra. It's a little fable about the inevitability of fate and how you can't ran. It's about a man who tries to run from death and he learns you can't outrun death just as Barney can't outrun these slaps".

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How I Met Your Mother returns Monday, September 23rd.

Would you be all-for a spin-off? How do you want the final slaps to play out? And are you happy that the show will be adding some fresh new-storytelling for its final season?