How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Premiere Spoilers: 12 New Tidbits on the season-opener!

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Premiere Spoilers: 12 New Tidbits on the season-opener!

12 new spoiler-tidbits have arrived for How I Met Your Mother's season 9 opener, episodes 1 and 2 "The Locket" and "Coming Back". Check them out below!

Lily meets the mother first.. and Lily tries to bite her? It involves cookies too.

New bartender?.. Prepare to meet Linus, the world's most magnificent bartender.

Goodbye to Barney's "wait for it" line.. For once, there's no "Wait for it!" in between Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris) legen...dary declaration. When Robin (Cobie Smulders) questions him about it, Barney's swoon-worthy explanation.

The Stinson Family curse.. Prepare to travel back in time to 1807 to meet the Moscow descendants of our Stinson broskies to find out how they were put under very strange (yet completely hilarious!) curse and why it happened.

Ted's new nickname. Ted gets a new princess-inspired nickname! Which special someone gives it to him?

Marshall's new enemy.. Daphne (played by Sherri Shepherd) and she's rude, loud and deceitful.

First time we see the gang again.. When we first see all of our beloved characters, it's exactly 55 hours til the wedding. Plenty of time for a few tackles, some sonsabitches cookies, and a Barry Manilow version of the "Bang Bang Bangity Bang" song.

Do NOT miss the closing three minutes.. You absolutely cannot miss the last three minutes of the premiere. We're serious! Get excited for a super special, we've-waited-nearly-nine-years-for-this type of moment.

Canadian stress.. Barney’s often-ignored Canadian side will be the cause of much stress for the engaged couple.

Marshall's mother causes Facebook drama.. Marshall’s mother may be incredibly low-tech, but her Facebooking could cause major problems for Lily and Marshall.

Ring bear.. Robin’s flower girls will be joined by a ring bear?

The mother is like Ted when it comes to the road!.. Fans will learn that the mom shares some of Ted’s very dorky road-trip tendencies.

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The one-hour special final season opener kicks of Monday, September 23rd! (We are very close now HIMYM fans!).