How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Comic-Con Spoiler Round Up: 9 New Tidbits + Ted's Kids Lose It!

Now that the first-ever How I Met Your Mother comic-con final season panel is over, we of coarse now have some new spoilers of the upcoming final season for you! Check out what has been revealed below:

More will be revealed about the Mother.. "We, like you, want to know who this girl is. We want to get to know her," Carter Bays said. "And we want to see Ted happy and we want to see the great moments that are ahead for ted as he meets this girl." Craig Thomas hinted at sequences that will help flesh out the character to for fans. "We can't say yet how, but you'll get to know her."

Love triangle returns.. Josh Radnor spoke on the topic of Ted being caught up over ex-Robin "He's either going to go insane or meet the love of his life, he's at the crossroads moment."

Cobie Smulders also commented on the triangle saying "Ted really comes through for Robin. He shows up and Barney isn't there. So I think there is a moment for Robin going like, 'I'm marrying this person, and this is the person that I call to help me, and this is the person that shows up for me. I think that there's a conflict there and I think that conflict is happening with Ted's character as well,".

Robin's mother to appear? Smulders is optimistic for a Season 9 appearance. "I think it will be a really fun cameo whoever we do end up getting," Smulders said. "It will be a really fun part, and I guess they are going to have study their Canadian accent."

Robin Sparkles finale encore performance.. Cobie Smulders revealed her interest in giving her character's alter-ego one last swan song, saying "I hope we get to do another one before the show ends," she said. Quipped Harris: "I can't wait for the album." Producers were more tight-lipped. "We won't confirm or deny, but it's a wedding. People sing songs at weddings," Thomas said. "Some drunken karaoke maybe?" Smulders asked. Come on guys, give the woman what she wants!

Marshall's secret exposed? Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel don't even know when Lily will find out about Marshall's judgeship. "They could wrap it up in the finale for all we know," Segel said. However, it sounds like that story will play a big part early in the season. "From the first two episodes, obviously he doesn't' want her to find out and it's going to be one of those: 'Is she gonna find out?' stressers for Marshall," Hannigan said.

Robin and Barney hit the floor for one last legendary dance? "They do have a first dance at their wedding," Harris teased. "I bet it's going to be epic. I bet there'll be some lifts." Added Bays: "We know that there's exploding glitter cannons."

Old faces return.. Bays hinted that there are many to be announced. "The much shorter list is the list of people who won't be back," Bays said. "We're throwing a wedding and everyone is invited. ... If there is someone that you've loved over the last eight years, chances are they'll be back."

Barney's brother, James (Wayne Brady) has already been revealed to be returning but Neil Patrick Harris dropped a spoiler revealing that everyone will learn that James is getting a divorce.

Final tidbit, just how will the show go out? Thomas and Bays revealed that part of the series finale was shot years earlier. "We shot a little piece of the very end of How I Met Your Mother with the kids in Season 2 before they got too old. ... It has to do with how the series ends," Thomas said. "The very end has not changed." Bays elaborated on how the final season will differ from their original vision. "The story hasn't changed, but how we tell it has changed now that we have 24 extra episodes to kind of expand on it and see a little more of it," he said.

Source: TVGuide

Also, do not miss the hilarious video of Ted's kids all grown-up (and now swearing back) video premiered during the panel below.

How I Met Your Mother's final season kicks off Monday, September 23rd.