How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Spoilers : Wedding Will Happen This May, Ninth Season & Much More!

How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Spoilers : Wedding Will Happen This May, Ninth Season & Much More!

As we head into the final half of How I Met Your Mother season 8, Craig Thomas (executive producer) dishes on what to expect in the coming weeks!

Here's what he had to say:

Could there be more Robin Sparkles in the future?
Even though Monday’s episode, which finds Barney uncovering an unseen Robin Sparkles video — has been highly touted as the final installment of Robin Sparkles, Thomas says, the writers don’t rule out the possibility of bringing her back again should a fantastic idea come to mind. However, he adds, “we’re pretty happy with this as a potential final chapter of Robin Sparkles. I think people will see how this bridges the gap between the Robin we’ve seen before and what came next and what was the end of Robin Sparkles’ career. So if it’s the end, it feels like a fitting ending” One idea that Thomas might pitch? “In the back of my head somewhere I’m thinking how do [we] not get Robin up at her own wedding to perform some medley of Robin Sparkles songs?…But who the hell knows.”

Robin’s “obsession” revealed?
In Monday’s episode, the gang has a debate about obsessions and, according to Smulders, “how one becomes obsessed with another person.” In this talk, Robin admits that she was obsessed with someone in the past, which, naturally, launches Barney into a search for that person. “He goes on this mission and at the end of his mission, he finds this video,” says Smulders. Meanwhile, expect to see a darker side of Robin Sparkles and what Thomas calls “the craziest” version of the persona yet. Hint: Both Smulders and Thomas admit that Alanis Morissette was a big influence on this version of Sparkles.

A final slap?
“I don’t want to say one way or another,” says Thomas. “But I love that people are finding that the slap bet clock still exists.” Additionally, Thomas says they are aware there are two slaps left and “we’re hoping to pay off every loose end before the end of the series.”

Barney-Robin wedding happening this season.

“We’ve been seeing glimpses of this wedding for, like, three years!” says Thomas. “We have to get there already.” He also added that Barney and Robin are on “an accelerated timeline” so the coming months will see “Robin and Barney realize all the topics they do have to talk about and cover — whether it’s Robin’s dad or all the other things that will come up as they go.”

In the episode "Band or DJ" that aired earlier this month, the show finally pegged the wedding date as May 25, 2013, and Thomas says the writers are sticking to it.

Ted still hung up on Robin ?
Even though Ted had some closure on the issue of Robin in recent episodes, Thomas says “I don’t want to say how or when, but yeah,” he says, “it’s so built into the DNA of the show and, we’re heading toward this huge finish of this series. Whether sooner or later, there’s a big culminating ending coming in the near future of the show, of course, that dynamic has to be addressed again.”

Will there actually be a ninth season?
As for Season 9, despite CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler's assertion on Jan. 12 that negotiations would be resolved "in a very few days," a renewal has yet to be announced. Thomas believes it will happen soon.

"A deal like this is a big deal, and we don't want to get ahead of ourselves," he says. "But we'd be surprised if a deal weren't done shortly and we didn't have an announcement to make pretty soon. So we feel confident about it, but we're still waiting."

Smulders, for her part, hopes a deal comes together too: "It's the greatest job on the planet, so it would be nice if it continued. "We all love each other, and we want what's best for everybody," she adds, referring to her co-stars. "And like I said, it's an amazing job and an amazing opportunity. Hopefully it all works out."

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