How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Spoilers: More On What’s To Come!

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September 25, 2012

Now that How I Met Your Mother has kicked of it’s eighth season, check out some spoiler tidbits to look forward to.

  • At the Farhampton train station after Barney and Robin’s wedding, the future mother got out of a taxi, guitar in one hand, yellow umbrella in the other, and stood on the platform as Ted read a book on a nearby bench.  Executive producer Craig Thomas assured us that the two will meet and not board different trains as he stated “That’s the moment we’re going to meet the mother. I feel like we can honestly say that. That’s where it happens.”
  • Creators also revealed that the season will continue to show train station segments throughout before leading to the fateful reveal.
  • It was also played coy as to whether or not the mother’s legs seen in the season premiere are the actual actresses legs. It was also highlighted by them, that when they do cast the mother.. it will be in complete secrecy.
  • Robin Sparkles (Robin’s alter ego) will make one last unique final appearance.
  • During October, three relationships will explode to make way for the reunions to follow.
  • And Finally, Robin and Teddy’s confusing relationship will be settled before Ted can  move on with his future wife.
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Are you excited for the reveal at ‘Farhampton’ station? Was the mother’s legs seen in the season premiere, actually the actress set to play her?

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