How I Met Your Mother Season 8 : More Spoilers On What's To Come!

How I Met Your Mother Season 8 : More Spoilers On What's To Come!

If you haven't yet seen the season seven finale, do not look any further..

After a huge season finale, many fans were once again left with many more burning questions...  So here's some major scoop on the next upcoming season to keep you calm.

First off, Now that we all know that the identity of Barney's bride is Robin, The question is.. How did both Barney and Robin come to this momentous moment. Creator Craig Thomas had revealed that Season 8 will explore these questions on how they reached this moment by saying " We love telling stories in crazy ways in How I Met Your Mother, so we’re jumping ahead and showing you the ending and we’re going to show you how we get there.".  This story-line will be further spiced up with a arc story of Robin being involved with another new love interest. Quinn will also still be around in the beginning of next season to tie up the story-lines between her and Barney.

As for Ted, after the shock return of Victoria, Thomas revealed that she is definitely not the mother as Ted will meet the woman of his dreams at Barney's future wedding day. So in allowing Ted to reach this point, the show will close the last chapter in his past major relationships which includes Victoria, to finally meet the one. So get ready HIMYM Fans, the unveiling of the mother is now in sight.

Finally, Lily and Marshall after giving birth to new HIMYM family member Marvin Wait For It Erikson, will continue on the challenging path of parenthood and will continue to focus on their child rather than Ted's life dilemmas.

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What do you think? Are you excited for season 8? Was the season finale everything you had hoped for? Are you happy that Barney chose Robin as his bride?