How I Met Your Mother Season 8 First Episode Spoilers!

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June 24, 2012

Although there are still several weeks till How I Met Your Mother returns in the fall, we have a few new spoilers to wet your appetites with as to how the season kicks off.

According to executive producer Craig Thomas, the shows season 8 premiere will continue right where we left off , with Ted andVictoria running of into the sunset.. But as they do, Ted starts to feel guilty with himself for taking away the bride-to-be after experiencing the exact same event in season 4.

The following episodes of the season will then jump ahead in time to the present summer and so forth.

As for the other major characters of the show, we will have to wait for the premiere date to get closer.

So stay tuned for more!

What did you think will happen with Ted and Victoria? and what are you most looking forward to when the show returns?


  • tim larsen

    amazing! OMG i’m so excited i can’t wait!!

  • victoria hater

    I bet they’ll break up. Bet you didn’t think that would happen. Shocker.

  • Tracy Ann Gill

    barney and robin!!!!!!!

  • Shweta Pathania

    i want to know the end so bad..
    who does ted marry..C’mon

  • Natasha

    Robin and Barney Finally Being Together !!!