How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 13 Title Revealed!

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December 10, 2012

The title for How I Met Your Mother, season 8 episode 13 has been revealed.

The 13th episode of the season will be titled “Band or DJ?”.

Source : Aceshowbiz

What do you make of this tile? What could the episodes story focus on? Could this mark the return of the gang’s little band?

  • soozielee

    Could this mark the return of the gang’s little band? Hmm no, this is a question related to a wedding, “do we hire a band or a DJ?” So I guess, there’ll definitely be some proposing at the end of the hour special… ^^

  • granger

    its probably an argument between robin and barney about whether to hire a band or dj at their wedding.
    i think they’ll end up hiring a band cuz the “mother” plays bass according to ted.

  • SamTheWise

    Look what happened, Barney and robin are getting married. The probably have an arguement about what is going to happen. They probably realize how different they are from each other. But their friends talk them back into it. Ted probably meets his wife at their wedding. She is probably in the band. Or somehow it’s robin which is what I’m really rooting for.

  • nmpiz53

    This episode will be the episode that reviels if teds future wife, the bassplayer, will be present at their wedding which according to my theory is also barneys stepsister and who was cindys(Rachel bilsons) roomate in college. Thus making robin and barney actually uncle barney and aunt robin which he refers to them as when talking to his kids. Feedback please.