How I Met Your Mother Season 8 : Barney and Robin’s Reunion Date!

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October 21, 2012

Many How I Met Your Mother fans are wondering when Barney and Robin get back together, we now know an exact date so check out all the spoiler info below.

In the November 5 episode “Splitsville”, it looks like they are finally getting it together (check out the pic above) but it’s not all smooth sailing as Barney will start a relationship soon after, and with someone fans have met in the past.

His new love interest will also be someone who has ticked of Robin in the past.

Check out more episode photos of the re-union episode right here!

Source : E!

When do you hope to see the two re-unite? And who could be Barney’s new love interest, as its someone we’ve met before?

  • Princess

    I don’t like barney and robin together i love robin and ted but i can see i am not going to get my way with those two.