How I Met Your Mother Season 8 : All You Need To Know!

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May 14, 2012

Since it’s certain that How I Met Your Mother is set to return for a could-be final season (as revealed in a earlier post) after having one of it’s most successful seasons by scoring it’s  highest rating records.. Here’s a rundown of what’s to come in the upcoming likely to be final season which will begin to air in the final half of the year.

The Mother will be revealed!! The dying question all fans have been waiting for will may finally come full circle..How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Speculation

Creator Bays has revealed that the Mother’s identity is in the works as he mentioned some new casting ideas in a recent interview. He said it could be ”A crazy big name, or someone you’ve never heard of? It’s a running debate. And it’s getting more important that we answer that debate the further into the show we get. We’re getting there.”

Since the season 7 finale will reveal Barney’s Bride we will also learn how Ted meets the love of his life as the wedding reception is where they will finally cross paths. Season 8 will deal with these repercussions and how it will have impact on Ted.

A few more spoilers for Season 8 is that Robin may find a new love interest, whether or not this may be the return to Barney is unclear. Who do you think Robin will end up with?  Marshal and Lily will also adjust to their new lives of being parents.

And as for Barney, it’s unclear how his life will be changed after the big wedding in the season seven finale.

What do you guys think? Excited for Season 8? Any theories on how the mother will be revealed, and are you ready for the big reveal?

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  • hasoony

    the mother is carly barneys half sister i mean come on she will be in the wedding and they mentioned her but they never showed her.

  • Finn Hargraves

    At the end of “The Perfect Cocktail” Season 6 Future Ted revealed that Robin’s “Mystery crush” the guy with the horrible jeans, will get together. I think he said “that isn’t the end of that story, but we’ll get to that” now correct me if I’m wrong he hasn’t returned yet, so I am gonna assume he will be Robin’s new love interest in Season 8

  • Finn Hargraves

    Sorry not “The perfect Cocktail” it was “Hopeless” my bad

  • Taiwo Okutubo

    i think that carter bays and craig thomas will show ted shouting at different people: ‘why am i not married yet’ and 1 of the women he shouts at is the mother

  • Lady-Mory

    Actually, he DOES say she NEVER becomes a mother..
    I made a video about it for you :D
    Here’s the link:

  • Lady-Mory

    Actually, he DOES say she NEVER becomes a mother..
    I made a video about it for you :D
    Here’s the link:

  • himymfan

    i dont think we get to find out because in the episode they said they “never” figured it out, therefore backing the writers into a corner.

  • aisice

    robin won’t end up with ted. he clearly mentioned ‘aunt robin’many times in his stories

  • Pixen

    I think Robin will marry the guy she met in that clothing store (the guy with the ugly shirt). They met again at a club when the gang was out with Barney’s dad, as seen in episode 21 of season 6 “Hopeless”, but the guy was bummed out thinking that Robin and Ted were engaged.
    As I remember, at the end of that episode the narrator says something about him and Robin meeting again. “But I’ll get to that later.”

  • Joana

    Barney is kind of sluty too XD

  • Joana

    Barney said in one episode something like he’ll never get fired…but could end up dead, without teath or fingerprints somewhere so, I think he isn’t the boss but someone who knows very dark secrets of the company and that’s why he gains a lot of money. Furthmore…I really want to see Barney and Robin together and…I’m kind of afraid of seeing who’s the mother O_O

  • Joana

    Also, I love when he say “..pff…please”. I laugh a lot everytime he does that. Barney is my fav character on “how I met your mother”

  • Edvin

    Who is Barney wife Robbin or

  • tutte

    not possible. His mom, is alredy married to Clint.


    Maybe Robin will get together with that guy from season 6 episode 21, the guy at the party! I think so.. :)

  • Xtrememous on Youtube

    The wife is barneys sister :)

  • kasper

    he also say he can’t be fired.. but i’m not sure witch episode or season

  • kasper

    24 September ! :D

  • ihsanrama

    Screw the mother, bring back Nora. No one as goddes as her.

  • Brad82

    Would be nice if it turned out to be his real life husband!

  • sim

    i love how i met your mother i cant wait see the season8 i met 5 new people today and asked them if they liked the show and all of them said they were amazing and couldnt wait to see season 8 and 9!!!!