‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spoilers: Robin’s Getting a New Boyfriend, Barney a Heart Monitor

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February 9, 2011

Wonder is there anything fun coming up on How I Met Your Mother? Well, here are some very interesting spoilers from TV Line about Robin and Barney:

Robin’s getting a new boyfriend — a fellow Canadian! He’s sweet and lovable, but more like a pet than a partner. (Just wait until you see his first taxi ride.) Meanwhile, Barney’s cardiologist will recommend that he wears a heart monitor for 24 hours, and no one will be more surprised than Barney by what gets his ticker racing.

  • Techieblgrl

    Ooh, I can’t wait to see Robin’s new Canadian sweetheart. It’s funny to see her interact with the guys she dates because she is beautiful but really tough too; I think guys have a hard time competing with her manliness. It’s so great because I don’t ever have to be home to watch new episodes or even my recordings for that matter. I can watch whatever I want on my iPhone through DISH Network. One of the perks of working there is that I know all about their new technology. Being able to watch TV on my phone is so handy when I have to wait in long lines!