On The Set: Ben Vereen as Barney's Dad?

On The Set: Ben Vereen as Barney's Dad?

As Zap2it first reported, Frances Conroy returns as Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris) mom, Loretta, in the second episode of "How I Met Your Mother's" sixth season

A source close to the series confirms to Zap2it that Conroy will appear in the second episode of Season 6, possibly related to the previously reported story of Barney's upcoming search for his biological father.

Barney and Loretta don't have the closest relationship -- if you remember, he hired actors to play his wife and son to keep her happy and out of his hair -- so he probably won't take it too well when he realizes she's been lying about Bob Barker being his real dad.

But, um… it looks like his mysterious father finally makes an appearance as well.

Wayne Brady, who's twice appeared as Barney's brother James, tweeted two photos from the set of the show today -- one of them including actor Ben Vereen ("Roots") and credited him as Brady's and Harris' TV dad.

No, there's not much of a resemblance between Vereen and Harris, but it does make sense when you think about it. Vereen is a song-and-dance man and Broadway vet, and so's Harris. At least it's more believable than the man Barney previously thought was his father -- Bob Barker.

NPH has not been quite as forthcoming about the identity of his character's biological father. His latest tweet from the set only references Conroy and Brady's appearances.

Here's the photo Wayne Brady snapped with Ben Vereen: