How I Met Your Mother Spoilers: Robin’s Kids To Appear In An Upcoming Episode!

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November 14, 2011

How I Met Your Mother is currently casting for…wait for it…Robin’s kids, E! has shared the spoilers!

  • In an upcoming episode, future Robin will be chatting with her children in the same format that we’ve seen from future Ted.
  • Robin’s son is described as blonde.
  • Kool_nits18

    Fuck u idiots: Its Robin who is the mother u have’nt realised that fools!
    u have made me the biggest spoiler!

  • I Got That

    They’ve already officially stated (several times) that Robin is not the mother. Also, future Ted once mentions ‘Aunt Robin’, idiot.

  • Arevfb

    not only that but also they show the mothers roommate and as they just said up there^ robins child has blonde hair and they are casting her children= her kids are not teds!

  • Arevfb

    And they say the mother is in teds college class

  • son son

    oh man …safe to say not kevins? lol. Hopefully Barney’s!!!!!!

  • son son

    oh man …safe to say not kevins? lol. Hopefully Barney’s!!!!!!

  • Haz Elliott 99

    Please be Barney’s kids please please please

  • Hotcoco458

    it cant be barney’s because in one of the past episodes, they showed the guy who robin had a huge crush on while still with ted, the guy she met in the store where ted bought the red cowboy boots. Ted said that robin and his story was not done yey

  • Rew

    i hope its barneys kids with robin

  • Rachel

    Doesn’t mean they wind up together though. She could still date red boots guy and then, ultimately, wind up with Barney, or Kevin, or someone else entirely. 

  • Someone

    Ok!! last episode “The Rebound Girl” kinda answer the question
    he is robin and barney’s kid