Season 5 Episode 11 episode 11

How I Met Your Mother: Season 5, Episode 11 Spoilers

Ted has had a thing for his friend Maggie, who is described as "the ultimate girl next door." The problem is that she is always in a relationship. When she breaks up with her boyfriend, Ted hopes to pounce on this opportunity. However, hes is not the only one who wants to ride the Maggie train. Here is a list of the other potential suitors:

[JIM] Early 30s, this friendly, humble, down-to-earth guy is Maggie's long-time co-worker, who has been secretly in love with Maggie for years. When he learns that Maggie has just broken up with her long-term boyfriend, Jim is determined to make the most of her availability -- but first, he has to run the gauntlet through the equally determined Ted and Barney...GUEST STAR (27)

[MRS. DOUGLAS] Maggie's 75 year old neighbor, she's an elegant woman with a subtle Southern drawl who calls Ted and informs him that "the window is open" for Maggie's favors. Later, Mrs. Douglas reveals an unexpectedly sultry side to Barney, who is understandably taken aback by her come-on...GUEST STAR CAMEO (2)

[LOUIS] 18-21 years old, this "quirky nerd" is a college student in Ted's class who takes an active interest in Ted's tumultuous love life. He and his fellow students weigh in with their opinions on how Ted should woo Maggie...CO-STAR (20)

[STAN] 18-21 year olds, another college student in Ted's class, this jock also takes an active interest in Ted's romantic saga, which soon grips the entire class's attention.sptv050769..CO-STAR (20)

[BETTY] 18-21 years old, this pretty and romantic young college student listens sympathetically to her professor Ted's romantic woes and has some helpful suggestions on how he should woo his idol, Maggie...CO-STAR (20)

[ADAM] A handsome, nice young man, he was Maggie's next door neighbor while they were growing up. The ultimate boy next door, he's the perfect match for this quintessential girl next door -- and his arrival on the scene dashes the hopes of Maggie's many other admirers, including Ted...CO-STAR (44)

[BUSINESSMAN] This very handsome and successful businessman in a local bar is trying to put the moves on Maggie. When Marshall claims that Maggie is one of his wives, the Businessman is more admiring than disappointed...CO-STAR (14)

[WAITER] This teenage male waiter is mesmerized by Robin's seductive but futile attempts to attract Jim's attention. The young waiter is certainly appreciative of Robin's efforts, which have got him all heated up...CO-STAR (35)

This also the episode when Ted gets closest to the future Mrs. Mosby. I wonder how this will all come together.