How I Met Your Mother Renewed For Season 7 and 8!

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March 7, 2011

CBS’ How I Met Your Mother ain’t going anywhere. The network has renewed the hit comedy for season 7 and season 8, which will continue to give CBS a great opening act on Monday nights (assuming the show isn’t shuffled to later spot in the lineup).

So the bad news: You’re probably not going to find out who the mother is until at least 2013.

  • Mohamadzaatari

    i cant wait for season 7 :D…and btw which doppleganger is ur favorite ?

  • Barneystisontv

    Sup season 7 will be legend wait for it DARY!

  • BeBo

    I want to watch “how i met your mother S7″ Pllllz don’t be Slow :(

  • jess
  • Eve_campbell

    who gives a f who the mother is, prolly some rando skank he fell for by convincing himself she s the one (as usual.he is so dumb, yet so adorable). aslong as the adorable ted stays unmarried, i m happy! did i mention how adorable he is?

  • Eve_campbell

    he is so cute.
    ted, on the off-chance that you`re reding this, contact the site admins for my real email! you`re so adorable btw!

  • claudiaybarney

    I cant wait for s7 :)

  • halo      it started again

  • claudiaybarney


  • khanak

    waitng for season 7..twl be fun watchng legen…….wait 4 it…… it cums……………………DARY barney get a lyf partner n gt serious n love..

  • barney


  • ace@!

    I love the series especially Bernie!!
    It’s going to be legen….(wait for it)….dary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe lopezz

    damn good show i buyed all the season actually n wait for ummm its a leggggend  ummmm again i am comming totally darrrry…….season 7 exicted

  • Nedas

    This shos legen… , wait for it ! …dery, legendery!!!

  • Ac3112

    best show… wait for it… ever!!

  • Bigman32

    its going to be legend…. wait for it…. AWESOMEEE!

  • Connell

    I love this show! its so Freaking awsome. I wish i knew who the mother woz but at the same time i dont!

  • Connell

    Is gonnu be LEGEN…..Wait 4 it….. almost ther…here it comes……………………DAIRY    oh yh L-E-G-E-N-D-A-I-R-Y incase u guys cant read.   Btw   im a littlemellon

  • Bomadina

    …I have only ONE rule: watch HIMYM always! We can’t wait for the new seasons in Zimbabwe!!!

  • Quackers

    when do you think there gonna bring season 7 out just want to watch it now

  • Frosty

    Refers to the “I hope you’re not lactose intolerant…” joke I assume… Stop insulting people everyone…

  • Tomer Freimann

    when does the 7th sesson comes out?

  • FlameBoy0319

    it is no legend.. it is going to be legen-wait for it-…………………..DARY

  • FlameBoy0319

    seriously ??? dairy XDDDDD

  • FlameBoy0319

    agreed -.- they really are retarded

  • HIMYM FAN!!!

    this is the first guy to get it right

  • Olivia

    i so love tis show…!! <3 <3!!!

  • Olivia

    i so love tis show…!! <3 <3!!!

  • Laxman363

    How i met your mother is the best Show on CBS or anywhere as sitcom or anything. People usually say freinds is the best but i dont think any show has the variety and well presented emotions that How i met your mother has. Undoubtedly great. The day it ends is the day i stop watching TV.



  • Karthick251087

    the correct phrase is legen…..wait for it….Dary…..Legendary

  • arby

    I  hope,it’s still TED and ROBIN.=)

  • arby

    I  hope,it’s still TED and ROBIN.=)

  • Teampeach

    I have learnt that this show and i have alot in common, i can relate to alot of the….who am i kidding…we are both awesome!! What in the world is up!

  • Alexander Lee

    love it dont care if the mother wont show up. haha

  • amyy

    ammaazzinngg showww i want it to go on foreverrrr….

  • Biskvit

    I hope there is season 20, 30 , 40. … Best commedy ever 

  • Biskvit

    I hope there is season 20, 30 , 40. … Best commedy ever 

  • Liviu

    It’s going to be legendary

  • Liviu

    It’s going to be legendary

  • frank

    It’s gonna be legendary… wait for it… dary

  • Pratheek N Prasanth

    The coming seasons are going to be legen …..wait for it….dary

  • Mattc

    this is going to be LEGEN wait for it DARY!

  • joe

    it’s going to be amazing com on highfive guys

  • Coolguyabhi007

    Naaah it’s a mixup with dat damn big bang…..

  • Awesome

    It’s robin as allready told by ted to kids… :-p

  • Coolguyabhi007

    I agree with u but in BARNEY’s Style challange accepted & thus will beat mah own thoughts as
    I only have 1 rule That only a man can beat himself
    hi-5 … :p

  • Coolguyabhi007

    Naaah i wana know who the mother is….. No 20 no 30 no 40 max 10…. atleast the news of the mother should be reveild by den….

  • Listen to ted….

    Haven’t u listened to the guy who keeps sayin; aunt robin….
    4 god’s sake don speak nonsense…

  • Guest

    19 September 2011

  • Dr.Dave

    any idea guys when season 7 going to start plz reply

  • Himomatt

    I’ve watched every episode twice and can’t w8 for season seven.

  • Jtab18

    can’t wait for it

  • legendary

    its gonna be lengen wait for it ………..dary! awesome show lol

  • Wackyman139

    when will u release season 7?

  • Bpsad

    true story? :D

  • Call Barney Stinson

    it’s going to be legen …. wait for it …. ds of the fall. legends of the fall!

  • Lee Newton

    i love How I Met Your Mother it is legen

    wait for it ………

  • Lee Newton

     Dary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as i am also AWSOME to watch this show

  • Lee Newton

    everybodys going to be delightful but i am deli-Ted

  • the Blitz

    it was the best great news… i wont HIMUM end.. at least until me myself going married hahaha

  • Blabla

    OMG! i loooove you people! 
    You can notice from the way you type that you’re how i met your mother freaks! , just like myself! 
    see, i just did it to…
    ps: alysson hannigan!!!

  • Legen_dary

    pls don’t let it end in 2013….maybe 2015. pls…it’s awesome….and im the awesomest.

  • Silverjeet

    I dont think its Barney who is getting married. i think its Punch’s wedding n they r just fooling us. remember ted’s high school friend who ask ted to be his best man at his wedding. if u see the 1st episode of season 7 marshal ask ted that if he is nervous coz he is the best man. dont u guys think that if its Barneys who is getting married then both ted and marshal would have been the best mans n not only ted. Ted just enters the room n says i heard groom needed me n then they show Barney. Punch could be standing just next to him.

  • Ovi

    I’m dieing of the wait

  • arun

    done watching season 1 to season 6 like ten times…… where is 7……. cant wait

  • haythem

    im a big fan of how i met your mother but its going to take a long time to make the seasons thats the only bad thing really:(

  • Ellie

    Obviously I want to find out who the mother is… but I don’t want it to end! Ever! <3 Oh yeah and Neil Patrick Harris = win <3

  • Arielmuli

    its gone a be legen…. wait for it….daryyyyy

  • El Pollo :P

    Great show, hope it never ends !

  • Jamaalrice88

    season 7 will be LEGEN wait for it DARY!!! love this show!!!

  • Lance

    i love the show so very much 
    that if the show stop my day won’t be the same with out this show , it really lighting up my night and my mode 

  • Sam

    I’m so exited for season 7. I’m a die hard Barney-Robin suppoter so this should be interesting. 

  • Shmosby

    It’s going to be Legen…. Wait for it….. Dairy….

  • Uj_livingdream

    i know the seasons are LEGEN……wit for it…..DARY….

  • fan of barney

    when’s the season 7 comin out man um eager to find out who barney’s gettin married to its gonna be………………………Wait 4 it………………Legen………………..a..dary

  • Rakesh_kumar91

    its not bad news maan..
    its jost i only have one rule
    i cant cant wait for more

  • b-to

    hope Ted doesn’t meet their mother until the day before he starts telling the story. yes meaning they are not his

  • james

    its going to be legend…… wait for it…. and to all people who are lactose intolerant block your ears cause the next bits dary

  • Ajlasko7

    You messed it up Dev you ritard