How I Met Your Mother Renewed For Season 7 and 8!

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March 7, 2011

CBS’ How I Met Your Mother ain’t going anywhere. The network has renewed the hit comedy for season 7 and season 8, which will continue to give CBS a great opening act on Monday nights (assuming the show isn’t shuffled to later spot in the lineup).

So the bad news: You’re probably not going to find out who the mother is until at least 2013.

  • Stayscared

    This is going to be “Legend…..Wait for it…….Dary”!!!!!!

  • Convertedlove

    It’s gonna be legend-… wait for it… and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY! 

  • Convertedlove

    This was a quote from Barney you noob. How could you not know this?

  • CONVERtedlove


  • Convetedlove

    I just wanna say first off, congratulations to Barney and his man! They are doing great and I hope they’ll forever be LEGENDARY! :D
    Second, THANK GOD FOR SEASON 7! Can’t wait to watch it!

  • Convertedlove

    Boooo~ the wait is gonna kill me XD

  • Hen


  • Arishi20

    dude wen does it start?

  • Shenarc

    can’t wait.. love the series

  • Ilovebarneyandrobin

    freaking awesome news!! THE SHOW MUST GO ON!


    ja the show is NTAH!!!

  • tytey

    Barney is the awesomest human being ever! I wish he was my friend I fell in love with his hilarious personality!!!

  • Swarley<3

    It’s going to be legen….wait for it-and-i-hope-you-like-milke-….DAIRY!

  • Noodles-namruz

    its gonna be legend ….wait for it..i hope that you arent lactose intolerant as the next word is dary

  • How I met me

    ok ppl…really da show is so awesomee…i am awsomed out…i dun watch much tv…buh realli this is addictive….i love this show…the setting…the everything… i am really happy we live in the 2000s…wel now the 2010s…btw I am AWESOME…and it’s going to legen….wait for it….dary…lols 

  • Ardit_Albanian

    this is the best comedy ever

  • Tanzim_tayiab

    i love this show!!!itzz lyk a part of my life !!!!!!!!!!

  • Kezia3579

    when does season 7 start

  • Kezia3579

    when does season 7 start

  • Suraj HATER

    U SUK!!

  • Slapbet_Commisioner

    oooppsss, my bad,  i missed to count the last one where the dad of lily-pad was introduced. it was also thanksgiving, like the 3rd slap, slapsgiving day. can’t wait to see barney slapped again! :)

  • Scotty

    when i am sad i stop being sad and be awesome instead :)

    waatttt uppp
    suit up

  • claudiabarney

    I love himym and i can’t live without it. Best show everrr :) Barney’ll married robin i’m sure hahahah

  • claudiabarney

    September 19

  • Andreas Sparby

    i dont want to find out who is the mother plzz give us at least 4 season to

  • Nectaralic

    So am I the only one that thinks Ted and Robin aren’t funny? Still love the show though.. lol. I actually want Barney to end up with Nora.. she’s the single best girl thats been on that show. (not counting the main characters, I mean among random girlfriends)

  • Osiso10

    SUIT UP!

  • claudiabarney

    i actually want barney to end up with robin because  they are perfect for each other.. :) dont you???? (nectaralic) :)

  • claudiabarney

    You want to make God laugh, tell him your plans, right?? hahahah

  • robin sparkles

    to be honest, i’m afraid to find out who the mother is. i don’t want the show to end :(

  • Anas Shaikh

    Common guyz , you all are so dumb , its like , i am going to wait till 2013 because How i met your mother is legen wait for it till 2013 … oh i can’t wait dary ,, legendary :P Like this !!

  • claudiabarney

    me either, because ti means t he ed of the show… when it finish i’ll miss it :( Hey guys where are you from???

  • cutybrittany

    I love this show too much…yes i am curious to see who the mother is but i love how funny it is

  • Anonymous

    nailed it!

  • Anonymous

    you’re… please. and also dairy is a joke in the comedy.

  • slap happy harry

    we need to have an intervention, because all of you legen; wait for it …………………….dary people just getting it wrong!! 

  • Patrik Banek

    its gonna be either robin or that chickk at the end

  • Hoda Fakharzadeh

    no plz i can’t wait to find out who is the mother it’s been 6 years that’s enough…..

  • Will Reddish

    you’re a retard, it’s you’re, not your.

  • Yuyukangkang

    I want to go to poop 

  • Adarsh Gopan


  • claudiabarney

    really??? i dont care

  • suit up

    true story

  • Mike

    Like Kim Kardashian’s, it’s double d’s. Awesome.

  • Sgtarman94

    OooOoOooo!Crap!But The ShoW is AweSome!

  • Mah11119

    Whenever I’m sad I stop being sad, and be awesome instead…..true story……

  • Annanya

    …just so great…i don’t care who the mother is…..this show must bloody keep going on……….it’s……legen….WWAAAIIITTT FOOORRRR ITTTT………dary…!!!!freaking awesommeeee man…!!!=D=D=D

  • nice

    its going to be legendary… wait for it… dary

  • z00benator

    BS This show needs to start playing after the summer… It’s such a creative show that we shouldn’t have to wait 2 years(i’ll be driving then)to enjoy. Therefore… If anyone finds a petition or something to help get this show on the road ASAP, please respond! 
    What is up!@?

  • Anonymous

    well ive just watched episode 24 and i cant wait till the next season!

  • Mnomankhan

    i want to know the mother is but i donot want the end of the show. The show can even go on if they tell who the mother is and let the show running. 

  • some dude

    It’s going to be de… wait for it… lightful. Delightful.

  • The Evil One : ))

    AWESOME!!!! I love this show! I suspect that Barney would marry to Robin : ))

  • Anthonymacosby

    Ted, if you don’t tell me who the mother of your kids is this time around, I swear I will jump into my set from Accra Ghana and end the story for u… why are u making me feel restless like that? Macosby, Legon, Accra Ghana

  • Anthonymacosby

    Season 7 is going to be legen…. (wait for it) …. dary. Robin, Marshall, Lilly, Barney… I love u guys very much. Hope the show impacts positively on your lives as it does to mine to never give up in finding a true love. Hope u find urs in your real lives. Don’t fake ur lives, be as who u r everywhere. U are by the way invited to my super – fufu and palm nut soup (a Ghanaian dish) with “goat” meat – that goes to u Ted

  • TheCaptain

    the end of this show will be a bropocalypse the likes of which you couldn’t possibly imagine

  • TheCaptain

    the end of this show will be a bropocalypse the likes of which you couldn’t possibly imagine

  • MayGodWelcomeMeWithOpenArms

    wish i could find out i just recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. it really sucks not being able to see what i’ve been waiting for when this started. i hope they have this show were i’m going, obviously i’ve excepted my demise.

  • qqq

    can’t wait for the next season to start!! this is the reason why im hooked in american series again…

  • qqq

    can’t wait for the next season to start!! this is the reason why im hooked in american series again…

  • Asd

    I’m your mother.

  • ted mosby

    this season is going to be legen (wait for it)……….. dary!

  • radu

    It’s gonna be LEGEN…. wait for it ….  DARY!

  • Barney Stinson

    This Is Gona Be Great “Flash Freeze High Five” It Is Awesomme And Legen..Wait For It Daaaarrrrryyyyy Legendary!

  • Asge nielsen

    omg i love the show its the best and its nice that we dont get 2 know the mother untill 13^^

  • andrew

    wow u suck at life its legen wait for it dary

  • Claire-babe

    Who is Barney going to marry? Nora or Robin? 
    The show is amazing, I hope it never ends :D
    I love you Barney Stinson (even though you’re gay in real life)

  • wearerawkstars

    I pray to all that is broly How I Met Your Mother can get to series 10 like its predecessor ‘Friends’ with more Heidi Klum!!

  • Katcorral

    I love this show. It is great I will be sad when it does come to a end but for now ill just enjoy. 

  • Kunwarnisha

    Love the show, haven’t missed any and want to season 7..8….9…10… Just waiting to start again….

  • guesttt

    Barney’s sister is future wife??

  • Von Paraiso

    We don’t want this show to end! it’s amazing….

  • osama_not bin laden

    hell no i dont want the shw to end ever its freakin awsum … makes other shows look lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Br4ever

    i wanna know who the mother is but i dont want the show to end!!!!!!! :D
    is there a way that can happen? :P

  • The REAL Barney Stinson

    Im Awesome… This is awesome… Someone save me from getting married!

    Sincerely yours

  • Dante

    legen….. wait for it  …dary

    man you ruined the AWESOMENESS in the “Le”,the “gen”, the “de” and the “ry”

    still… Continuation HI-5.

  • Dante

    i was about to type this down good thing someone did it before me.

  • minni-T__NO

    I agree! and btw, who really cares if it’s two d’s or not? s’ not the end of the world anyway :P

  • Lucas

    it is always two d`s. Double d`s :D


    SÅ DANSKER !! :d