How I Met Your Mother Renewed For Season 7 and 8!

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March 7, 2011

CBS’ How I Met Your Mother ain’t going anywhere. The network has renewed the hit comedy for season 7 and season 8, which will continue to give CBS a great opening act on Monday nights (assuming the show isn’t shuffled to later spot in the lineup).

So the bad news: You’re probably not going to find out who the mother is until at least 2013.

  • Mustangi_karma

    i just love it

  • Rickyn227

    Me too the show is Legen-Wait for it-DARY!

  • Ricardo Newman

    ACTUALLY I just watched from season 1 to 6 and I can say with full confidence that it is…..Legen-Wait for it-DARY!

  • Ailurophile

    ohhh.. please don’t finish this tv series!! it s the mosr awesomest thng i have ever seen b4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Allen96

    Legen…wait for it hope your not lactose intolerant…Dary

  • Barney (awesome) Stinson

    it’s going to be legen…. wait for it.. and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is… DAIRY!!!! Legen-dairy… legendary!

  • Sarfaraz_shaikh70

    pleas air it soon

  • Liam

    Only Person I saw who actually got it right ;)

  • Natasha

    actually it’s legen wait for it dary because legendary only has 1 d :)
    like my page people

  • Bumble Bee

    why does Ted look super gay in that picture?


    give me more bad news plizzzzzzz!

  • leedara

    The show´s gonna go on for at least 2 years? and barney´s in the front? now that´s awesome!!!

  • Sarodedeelopers

    love it need more 2 to3 sesons

  • TheMerovingian

    Yay! if the show doesn’t end now. Boo! if it does

  • YogiBear

    This shows legendary, wait for it…

  • YogiBear


  • Sdfsa

    yeah i am awesome too

  • Joseph

     I want the show to be a never ending one

  • Shalieshnayak

    u r so annoying people so what happen i am die today or tom…
    without any answer how is mother of ted children’s look     

  • Merlinda Jahpar

    Cant wait 2 see more of Barney Stinson.

  • Awesome Girlforever

    I can’t wait for season 7 LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

  • legends

    “it was legend…. s of the fall. legends of the fall!!! it was alright”

  • Albert

    I hope ted never get married! LOL
    love the show

  • Hamza Rabbani

    lovvve the show!!  its awesome!  dont want it to end!

  • Seessri

    who says itz bad
    itz AWESOME………. :)

  • Jenny Grahn

    I agree. I can wait many years for the mother, I just love the show :) But I can’t wait to see who Barney’s marrying! I’m praying for Robin ?

  • Leroux Conrad

    2013 worth the wait !!! awesome show

  • marius

    I do not care if I never find out who the mother is as long as the program does not stop

  • Hadad2110

    i just been exposed to that show and i dont want it to end-amazing and amuzing

  • w90o

    Some one know when u can download season 7 ?


    It’s going to be Legendary….wait for it……DARY! :D

  • Dr Grubimarko

    i want that how i met your never ends this show is legen wait dor it …………………………….dary!

  • Aush 16nov

    totally … its awesome show and i can wait till 2013 or even more to find out who is the mother… i love it

  • Aaditya

    doesn’t metter
    my wish is we could not find who the mother is till 2030 in real life
    best series ever after f.r.i.e.n.d.s.

  • hitesh

    no ending to it……the show is LEGEN——wait for it——DARY

  • Weyezak98


  • Weyezak98

    sorry i just have so much awesomeness and i just have to get some of it out on this page

  • Hamouda

    i just wanna know when is it going to be released ? i mean season 7 

  • Rolen_ptr

    I love Robin!

  • dArk Angel

    it’s not a bad news…it’s an AWESOME news!!!

  • rian

    AWESOME. cant wait for season 7.i dont mind not finding who’s the mother yet..:)
    cause im enjoying the show and i dont want the show to end so soon..because this is going to be legend wait for it dary..legendary with double d’s.:3

  • Yoyoprady

    Suit up everybody………… for season 7

  • Paten

    When does the season 7 start up???

  • Www Skylor Olson

    i love this show but i cant get season 7 or 8 and remember suit up its gonna be legend wait for it dairy

  • Skylor Olson

    i know who barney is marrying its that girl with black hair i cant remember her name but still you never know what can happen next

  • matthew fong

    its gana be… legendary…wait for it… dary!!:P

  • Bobbillybob12

    yaay i f***n love that show

  • Lachlunn Valente

    just watched ep 3 of this season….im getting really annoyed with the whole back and fourth thing about robyn. just leave it be.

  • KK


  • Barney is awesome

    Point is … I’m looking forward to watch all the 7th season … infact i’m watching all the seasons in english even i’m italian !!! I love this show !!! It is awesome and you defenetly enjoy your time while your watching any episode !!! Please be as quick as you can so that all HIMYM’s fans can have more awesome time !!!

  • Adel_sohel

    that’s what i’m talkin’ about       its delit w8 4 it ful

  • Robin Eras

    This is great site for watching tv shows online

  • terry

    sooo true… i just love this show so much….

  • Waffles

    i wanna know the mother but i also dont want it to end.
    i hate that…
    the show is da bomb and needs just one thing!
    and that thing is to go on forever…
    and it sucks it cant, because this show goes for to damn long!!!
    (breaks down in funny barney voice) I wanna Know!!!

  • Disappointed

    Pity they’ve changed writers/director/set design/editing etc. and ruined the vibe of the characters and the whole show in general.  I loved this show so much, but season 7 seems to suck balls.  DAMMIT!  Why do they always have to screw with a good thing?!

  • HIMYM fan

    IT IS LEGEN- wait for it … it is so close … waiting for Ted move – DARY!!! LEGENDARY!!!

  • Jokull_s

    how is the women in the middle is that lily becous It dosent look like her

  • jokull_sd

    I love the show keep it going!!!!

  • jarem mosby

    this show is interesting and funny infact this show is funninteresting this show is gonna be legend wait for it wait for it im coming wait for it DARY

  • Love How i met your mother

    im from portugal and im waiting for the season 7 because its isn’t on air in our country. But im so exciting about it

  • Moataz bahaa

    Any guesses about Barney’s Bride??

  • Kania21

    i think it’s cool when we know who the mother, but the show is not going to end after that :D

  • Kania21

    i think it’s cool when we know who the mother, but the show is not going to end after that :D

  • Macinzie3

    he meant it to be that because he said i hope your not lactose intolorant because its DAIRY

  • Macinzie3

    he meant it to be that because he said i hope your not lactose intolorant because its DAIRY

  • Macinzie3

    he meant it to be that because he said i hope your not lactose intolorant because its DAIRY

  • Gsigksjd

    Who cares who the mother is, keep the show and keep Barney.

  • Nebiat

     wow until 2013 i’m de…..lightful. its awesome