Zombies, renewal chances, and a Jennifer Morrison return?

Will an upcoming episode have a dance sequence...and zombies? How are the show's renewal chances looking? And will we be seeing Jennifer Morrison again? Michael Ausiello gives us spoilers on all these questions. Enjoy!

Question: What can you tell us about Episode 15 of House? I’ve seen a lot of stuff on Twitter from producers @GregYaitanes and @SaraHess, and even @MMRAW about some epic stuff: dance sequences, zombies…. What is going on?! —Reana
Ausiello: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. You might, however, believe Hugh Laurie. “It contains some ingredients that we have not seen before on House — or many other television shows — for quite some time,” he teases. “It’s quite a trip. It’s a viewing trip but it’s also a trip trip. I haven’t seen the result of it yet, but I have the utmost confidence [in our producers]. I go where they point me. I’m a willing passenger on this journey.”

Question: Should we be nervous that Fox hasn’t renewed House for next season? —Joel
Ausiello: As coincidence would have it, I asked showrunners David Shore and Katie Jacobs exactly that question when I chatted them up at Fox’s press tour party. “I’m not worried about it,” said Shore, whose deal with House producer NBC Universal is up for renewal at season’s end. Jacobs seconded that emotion. “I can’t imagine it not coming back,” she said, adding that she’s still thinking up ways to extend the franchise when the day does come that the show ends. “I once thought of a Three’s Company kind of spinoff with Wilson, Cuddy and House,” she admitted. “I don’t think that will happen. But I have thought about it.”

Question: Is there any possibility of Jennifer Morrison returning to House this season? —Isabela
Ausiello: The possibility definitely exists, but Shore says there’s “nothing in the works at this time.”