House Spoilers: Wilson's New Girlfriend Details!

As I mentioned in a previous post, Cynthia Watros has been cast as Wilson's first ex-wife, who's now his new girlfriend. We're getting more details about her character, how their relationship will affect Wilson and House, and how long she might stick around.

First off, her particulars. According to Ausiello, her name is Sam Carr, and she is a radiologist. David Shore describes her personality this way:

"[She's] smart, capable, and a little offbeat...Anyone who is going to be involved with Wilson is going to be a little bit different. We wanted her to be worthy of Wilson’s strengths and worthy of Wilson’s weaknesses.”

And how is House going to react to this new romance? About as well as he's reacted to any other girlfriend/wife Wilson has had. Again, David Shore:

“This isn’t just House being protective of Wilson, this is him being protective of Wilson against somebody who arguably knows Wilson as well as House does. And I think that’s what makes the scenes [between Hugh Laurie and Cynthia Watros] so interesting. You have these two people who apparently care about Wilson, although they’ve both made some dramatic mistakes in that regard, kind of fighting over him.”

But House might not be able to keep them apart. Ausiello is reporting that not only will Watros be on the show for a multi-episode arc beginning April 19, she might stick around next season too.

What do you think? Are you happy to see Wilson finally moving on from Amber, or are you afraid this new/old love will upset the wonderfulness that is Hilson? Me, I'm reserving judgment until I see them together. Give your thoughts in the comments below.