Will Olivia Wilde Come Back to ‘House’?

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October 22, 2011

Olivia Wilde’s Thirteen left House’s team on Monday’s episode, but would she come back, especially if this is the show’s last season? According to EW, the answer is most likely no. Wilde told the magazine that a return wouldn’t fit well with how her character exited:

“I think the way we left it, if she came back, it would probably seem forced. So I don’t think she should come back. I liked her exit story a lot, so I am happy with it.”

Wilde is very grateful for her time on the show and doesn’t feel the need to revisit it:

“I wouldn’t be so bold as to ask for anything more from House. I had such an amazing run on the show. They’ve done such cool things with my character. She’s been so fascinating, dynamic and cool and unpredictable.”

Were you hoping to see Wilde/Thirteen again?

  • http://www.facebook.com/UnknownBearing Tyler Macready

    The way I imagine it, I was hoping sometime later in the season that Thirteen would be a patient at Princeton-Plainsboro, or even House gets a call from another hospital saying she asked for him. The idea would be that her Huntington’s is finally taking hold and she wants House to pull the plug on her before she deteriorates like her brother. Of course, the episode would be spent seeing House trying to find some impossible way to save Thirteen, only ending with him finally accepting the truth, and complying with Thirteen’s wishes.

    That’d be the only satisfying exit for Thirteen’s character in my opinion. Potential for very sad episode, and not to sound grim, but Amber’s death and Kutner’s death were some of the strongest moments of the whole show. It would be interesting to see Thirteen join them.

  • Zivkovicjasmina94

    I agree but the show is not like it was before without Remy Hadley. I really miss her,and i would like her to come back and stay till end. I know it wan’t be great  but her character is missing from “House”. That is my personal opinion.