Will Jennifer Morrison ever return to House?

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April 5, 2011

Lots of fans (like me) miss Cameron and her portrayer, Jennifer Morrison. So is there any chance she will return to House? Morrison gave the lowdown to TV Line.

Will we be seeing Cameron again? She’d like to return, but Morrison highly doubts it will happen:

“I have not been contacted by anyone over there. I would do whatever they wanted me to do…Cameron is a fabulous character and it changed my life to play her… But it’s not in my control. People seem to think it is. I feel bad because fans really want answers and I don’t have them. I wish I did. My guess would be that I will probably never be on [House] again.”

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Are you bummed we probably won’t see Cameron again?

  • lorraine

    Man, i loved Cameron <3

  • Veedub3

    Nope, from the beginning it was said that Cameron would exit in Season 6. So no one should have been surprised when she left the show.

  • Catkat1988

    Quite frankly, I’m not disappointed. I liked Cameron, but I think they already drained her for everything interesting – her part has been outplayed. Seeing her and Chase attempt to work together after their failed marriage would be tiring, I think. Cameron would probably claim to be a professional who could handle it, but such a scenario wouldn’t be realistic unless their past got between them somehow – and House would have to stick his nose in it and make it his business, but I think they already rounded the relationship off nicely in the Lockdown episode, so there really isn’t much reason or much to gain from taking such a course of action. Thirteen, on the other hand (I suppose Cameron would be “re-replacing” Thirteen) still seems to have some interesting character quirks left in her, so I’d much rather see her handle whatever is in store for her now. They kept Thirteen interesting by also adding the very private aspect to her character, meaning that the problems can be stretched out over a longer time. Cameron wore her heart and emotions on her sleeve, which means that it’s only so made times we can hear about her dead husband, her attraction to damaged and vulnerable men, and her fear of real commitment.

  • Xena123452010

    well that sucks I loved Cameron she was why I started watching the show in the begin with. I hate thirteen she just get’s on my nerves I think they should have at least did one episode with Cameron since they said that she would be in at least 3 episodes this season. they could of had it where she comes back and needs house to fix her or something that way fans got to see her one last time.

  • Tlspencer18

    I am completely bummed Jennifer is not coming back. She was one of the best characters. I can’t believe the studio would not bring her back to her devoted FANS!

  • SwitchedToOUAT

    I know it’s House MD not Cameron MD, but I’m just not into the show anymore. No, change is not good. I miss Cameron, I miss the old pattern of the show & I really had to force myself to watch season 6 till the end, then I quited. I’d watch any other episode of House only if jen would amke a guest appereance in it. If not – it’s the waste of my time.