Will Huddy ever get back together?

Sometimes love just ain't enough. House and Cuddy may love each other, but that doesn't mean they can be in a functioning relationship, as Lisa Edelstein told Entertainment Weekly:

House scoopage please. Tell me that Huddy isn’t over! Please! – Bill
I would…but I can’t. Sorry, Bill. From the sounds of it, Huddy is certainly over for the time being. Lisa Edelstein tells me that while she thinks “they’ll always love each other,” their relationship is, for the time being, pretty much done. “She didn’t say she fell out of love with him, she just said she couldn’t handle a relationship with him,” she says. “I think the people who are really, really Huddy obsessed will only be happy with Huddy, but that’s not what the show is about. It’s about his journey, and she’s a part of his journey. Their relationship will continue in whatever form it continues. Every relationship is a valid form. So perhaps now they can get even closer in other ways because they’ll no longer be tangled in that specific way.”