Who will be House’s new boss?

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June 9, 2011

As Cuddy knew all too well, trying to rein in House is a difficult task. Who will be up to the challenge?

David Shore told TVLine that the possibilities for a successor “are wide open…Everything’s on the table.” Which includes promoting Wilson. How crazy would it be to watch that shift in their relationship?!

However, Shore also indicated that the new boss could instead be a new cast member, as there will be fresh blood injected, particularly female, especially after losing Lisa Edelstein and with the amount of Olivia Wilde’s participation in question:

“It’s safe to say there’ll be new players next season. Some…Yes, we would want to have a female presence, absolutely.”

Shore said the writers are meeting now to map out the direction of Season 8.

Who would you like to see as House’s new boss?

Source: TVLine

  • Mark

    Bring Cameron back as his boss!!!

  • Ash


  • Mdeprofio

    Stephen Fry

  • Short_sponger

    I think foreman would make it really interesting

  • Lunadancer1708

    Cameron is an idiot.  Never bring her back. 

  • Kiriqka

    thumbs up for wilson! hell yea

  • POP!

    House should report to an oversight committee consisting of Philip J. Fry, Bender B. Rodríguez, and Hermes Conrad, and chaired by Dr. John Zoidberg.  House: “They’re damn cartoons!”  Wilson: “For better or worse they’re your bosses.  And you should listen to them.  They have some good ideas.”  House: “You’re all idiots.”