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Spoilers for House Season 8 Episode 11 "Nobody's Fault"

Spoilers for House Season 8 Episode 11 "Nobody's Fault"

Tonight's much-publicized episode features House and his team's methods being questioned after a violent incident with a patient. Guest star Jeffrey Wright plays Dr. Cofield, House's inquisitor, and described his character's attitude toward House:

"[He has] a mixture of curiosity, disdain, and envy for House’s procedures. Cofield is a guy who perhaps couldn’t afford to be as freewheeling as House, and there’s some curiosity from his perspective about House’s work. That can work both ways. It can work to make him more relentless in pursuing some kind of negative judgment against House, or it can make him, like everyone else, get caught up in reverence.”

Wright said that Cofield's and House's personalities are not that different when all is said and done:

"There is a temptation among doctors toward playing the role of the Creator. House is certainly one who revels in that aspect of medicine. So, to have another character who has equal authority and who has an opportunity to play, essentially, judge and jury over that type of ego is interesting and probably requires a similarly out-sized ego."

So can Cofield be objective when deciding House's fate. Wright teased:

"The question is: Is the decision made relative to the outcome of a case, or, is it made relative to the cumulative results of a number of cases over time? At the end of the day, I think that from Cofield's perspective, their job as doctors is to heal."

Are you excited for tonight's episode?

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