So what exactly is the big Huddy development in the upcoming dreams episode?

As I posted in spoilers you can find here, exec producer Greg Yaitanes teased that the upcoming dreams episode airing March 7 will be a big one for House and Cuddy's relationship. He even said you will either love or hate what happens. So what exactly IS going to happen?

Who knows? Seems Yaitanes wants to play coy about it. Even EW couldn't get much out of him:

More details about the epicness of House‘s big March 7 episode, specifically the big Huddy factor you teased about? — Heather
I pressed for more info, but perhaps together we can decode Greg Yaitanes’ response — which really wasn’t a response so much as it was a reluctance to confirm that the big House-Cuddy development would be as straightforward as we assume. Me to Yaitanes: “So the episode is about their relationship?” Yaitanes: “Umm…[pause] you’re going to have to see.” Gah! If the episode is, indeed, a big one for fans of the pair, what else could it mean? Theories now!!

An engagement? A breakup? A breakup and then really good makeup sex? What do you think is going to happen?