Shore, Laurie, and Leonard Talk Hilson and What's Coming for the End of 'House'

[singlepic id=12762 w=320 h=240 float=right] Get ready for more details on Hugh’s directing, a big episode within the last four shows, and Robert Sean Leonard’s and Hugh Laurie’s thoughts on the end of House.

I’ve previously posted about Hugh Laurie directing again, the first of the final four episodes that will lay the foundation for the show’s grand finale. We have now learned that the Laurie-directed episode will be called “The C Word.” Does that mean someone will be diagnosed with cancer?!?!

Series creator David Shore hints that the title of the episode “could have multiple meanings.” He adds that Hilson fans will enjoy lots of time with their favorite guys:

“House really isn’t involved [with] the patient. House and Wilson are off doing their own thing, which is great to have Hugh directing that because [it means] he’s not in every single scene so that makes it a little easier.”

So what does all this Hilson time mean for the other House characters? Perhaps not very much closure, according to Robert Sean Leonard:

"It's not going to tie up everything — that's not with this is about. I think the show is going to end very abruptly and in a very surprising way because, as happens in life, you don't live the ending. You just live your life."

And Hugh Laurie wants to make sure the show ends with House being House:

"There is something defiant about him, and I think the worst possible thing would be to see his spirit broken. I would find that depressing and that would make me unhappy."

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