‘House’ Series Finale Title and Olivia Wilde Spoilers

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April 19, 2012

If the episode title is any indication, the series finale of House might not be an hour of happy.

The show’s finale, airing on May 21, will be called “Everybody Dies.” This is a perfect bookend to the pilot, which was called “Everybody Lies.”

Does this suggest that the speculation that House will become a patient is true? Or are the writers having a bit of fun with us, snarkily portraying the series end as a bloodbath for all of the characters? What do you think, House fans?

As for Olivia Wilde, she will not only be appearing in the series finale, but will also be in the penultimate episode airing on May 14.

Source: TV Line



  • Ladybellefiske

    I AM GLAD to hear that Olivia Wilde will be in 2 eps. I’d thought of it. If she comes back with Huntington’s active, I am sure it will take 2 episodes to work out House’s euthanizing her, if that’s what ‘s happening.