‘House’ Series Finale Spoilers: Jesse Spencer Talks Chase’s Return & Reunion With Cameron

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May 14, 2012

Jesse Spencer admits he was just as shocked as fans when Chase left Princeton-Plainsboro in last week’s House, but never fear, he will be returning for next week’s series finale. And he will share the screen with Cameron again.

He says he does appear in a scene with Jennifer Morrison’s Cameron in the finale, but he emphasizes “briefly.” He would not elaborate on details of their reunion.

He says he’s very satisfied with how the writers end Chase’s story, which surprisingly concludes on an open-ended note:

“I can’t tell you what it is. It’s actually very short, but it’s so great. It’s this tiny little bit [that] opens up a whole new story, and we go ‘Oh my God.’ And [it leaves you] wondering. You kind of know where it is going, but you’d like to see where it goes from there. Then the series ends. I like it. I can’t wait.”

As for the series finale itself, Spencer is happy with the conclusion:

“The final episode, I hope the fans enjoy and are satisfied by it. I think it’s an appropriate ending, and a satisfying ending. [It's] still bittersweet, but I think they really wrap it up very nicely, and they’ve done a fantastic job on that show.”

Spencer will not be in tonight’s episode, but he will be back for the series finale, “Everybody Dies,” airing May 21 on Fox.

Source: EW