House Series Finale "Everybody Dies" Spoilers: Don't Expect a Last-Minute Change

House Series Finale "Everybody Dies" Spoilers: Don't Expect a Last-Minute Change

Don't expect any major reassessments or revelations by House in tonight's series finale, "Everybody Dies." Nope, he will remain as antagonistic and snarky, as well as brilliant, as he was when we first saw him 8 years ago.

Hugh Laurie says that any changes now would ring false:

"It would almost be one of House's many mantras that people don't change, generally speaking...It's certainly true in television drama. They can't change, actually. If they do, you wind up with a different show from the one you started with, and that gets economically and logistically difficult."

Laurie says it was important to him that House remain true to himself:

"I've always felt that one of the distinctions between film and television is that in film, by and large, the main characters change, and the world doesn't. In television, the main characters stay the same, and the world changes, and I think it's important that House remains uncompromised. There is a defiance about him that's a kind of strength, and even though it might be belligerent at times, I find it inspiring. He will not suddenly give into the sentimental, even at the end of the show. I find that uplifting, in a twisted and dark way."

House may not be sentimental, but I'm sure there will be plenty of viewers' tears when the series finale airs tonight, starting with a House retrospective at 8 pm.

Source: Zap2It