'House' Season 9 Deal Still Not Decided

'House' Season 9 Deal Still Not Decided

Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly gave his presentation at the Television Critics Association winter meeting yesterday and said the future of House is still undecided.

Reilly said he still needs to meet with EP David Shore to iron out whether a Season 9 is possible. But even if the current season is its last, Shore will be given the time to write a great finale. Said Reilly:

“It’s hard to imagine the network without House. It’s not going to be like the pink slip goes out and that’s the end of House. We haven’t had the big meeting about what we want to do. It’s no secret last year we said last year it was going to be a close call and it’s probably its last year. This is not going to be an unceremonious finish, I can tell you that...it will absolutely have a satisfying conclusion on Fox. There’s no way David Shore isn’t going to let fans feel it wasn’t properly capped off.”

EW speculates that one reason for the delay in the renewal decision is that Fox still has 3 dramas yet to premiere (Alcatraz, The Finder, and Touch). Fox likely wants to get some sense of whether at least one of the new shows is likely to get a renewal before making a move regarding House.

Would you like to see House get another season? Or do you feel it's run out of steam?