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House Season 8 Episode 3 "Charity Case" Guide

Check out the official episode guide for Season 8 Episode 3, “Charity Case,” airing October 17 at 9 pm on Fox.


  • Olivia Wilde and Wentworth Miller ("Prison Break") Guest Star
  • When Benjamin (guest star Wentworth Miller) suddenly collapses after making a rare and generous donation, House and Dr. Chi Park are convinced that his extreme altruistic behavior may indicate a deeper medical disorder.
  • With no definitive explanation for Benjamin's loss of consciousness and unresponsiveness to treatment, House pushes just the right buttons to recruit former prison doctor Jessica Adams to volunteer her time and expertise to the case.
  • Benjamin then makes a bold but life-threatening offer that could save another life, and the team must diagnose his disorder before he puts his own life on the line.
  • Meanwhile, Adams and Park test each other's outlook on generosity and gratitude.
  • Thirteen's guilt conflicts with her pursuit of personal happiness.