House Season 8 Episode 21 “Holding On” Spoilers: Wilson’s Survival, Thirteen’s Return, a Twist Ending, and More

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May 8, 2012

Ask Ausiello shared some juicy spoilers for Monday’s House, Season 8 Episode 21, “Holding On,” including Wilson’s survival chances, Thirteen’s return, the possible departure of another team member, a twist ending, and more.

“As the look on GHo’s face at the conclusion of Monday’s episode all but confirmed, [a miracle for Wilson will not happen]. House’s priority now is prolonging his BFF’s life — an arduous task that dominates much of next week’s unbelievably moving hour. A key component of the mission involves Greek‘s Jacob “Rusty” Zachar, who makes a surprise cameo as someone from Wilson’s past. Other scoopy highlights from the ep: Olivia Wilde’s Thirteen appears in two quietly effective scenes (one with House, the other with Wilson); another Princeton-Plainsboro vet appears posed to follow Chase out the door; House’s cane plays a critical role; and prepare for a twist ending that harkens back to something series creator David Shore told me last May shortly after House drove his car into Cuddy’s House: “We feel strongly on the show that actions have consequences.”

Source: TV Line