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House Season 8 Episode 11 "Nobody's Fault" Spoilers and Photos

In the February 6 episode of House, a violent incident with a patient places House and his team under review by Dr. Walter Cofield, played by guest star Jeffrey Wright. As exec producer Greg Yaitanes told TVLine, the showdown between Hugh Laurie and Wright will more than live up to the hype:

“Those two were phenomenal. Watching two people bring that level of game every day was unbelievable...To be the person who’s coming in after eight seasons to decide the fate of the series is an incredible task. And [Wright] brought so much gravity to it."

Yaitanes warned that Dr. Cofield's actions will affect the rest of the season:

“It will turn a mirror on every person that’s watched the show and thought that all of the dangerous stuff that House did every week was funny. And now something bad happens, and what does that mean? At what cost are we willing to see him take those risks? The outcome of it [impacts] the rest of the season. It’s a big episode.”

Take a look at these promotional photos, which show David Anders as the violent POTW, and Jeffrey Wright facing off against the team.