House Season 7 Spoiler Snippets

Being a lover of all things Hilson, I was glad when Wilson and Sam broke up, if only because it will probably result in Wilson spending more time with House, as it should be. Ausiello dishes that at least one other couple will also break up this season. Plus, a probable return episode for Thirteen.

  • Question: A while back you hinted that there would be two breakups this season on House. Were Wilson/Sam one of them? And, if so, can you ID Couple No. 2? —Jacob
    Yes, Wilson/Sam were one of the two. I’m not going to spoil the other relationship that’s about to crater, but I will say this: I actually teased that there would be at least two breakups this season. The key words being at and least.
  • Question: When does Olivia Wilde return to House? —Joel
    I believe her first episode back is 7.18.