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House Season 7 Episode 9 "Larger Than Life" Lots of Spoiler Tidbits

Here are some great spoilers for tomorrow night's episode. Can't wait to see all of the sure-to-be-fun bits with my man Wilson!

  • The funny and sarcastic one-liners keep flying back and forth and for once House is not the only instigator.
  • House wants a ‘free night’ – wait till you hear what is on the menu for the free night when House desperately plots to spend some quality time by himself – and will go the distance for it by playing classic games with both his girlfriend and best friend. Will Cuddy and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) outsmart him though?
  • House steals more food and we all know what he does when it doesn’t taste good. Hint? He previously had a bad experience when stealing chocolate this season.
  • There is a WWII reference at Taub’s (Peter Jacobson) expense that turns out even funnier than when House defaced Lucas’ (Michael Weston) picture last season in “Remorse.” Unfortunately for Taub, he also faces a major life change.
  • Masters (Amber Tamblyn) seems to have really settled into her position at PPTH on House’s team. She’s very comfortable around House and shows initiative. But is this enough to score points with House?
  • House and his team continue using nicknames and mockery so it’s not a stretch to figure out who is ‘adorable,’ who is the ‘pretty boy,’ whose ‘trustworthy’ face granted its owner a ‘life size’ poster to promote the hospital and who didn’t get voted ‘Doctor Trustworthy’ because he’s black.
  • At some point, someone plays ‘rock paper scissors.’
  • House acts not only like an adult but as a kid as well with Cuddy’s mother and they seem to have more things in common than one might think as their exchanges don’t go the expected way.
  • Knowing House, don’t be surprised by his choice of gift(s).
  • House and Cuddy share a couple of sweet moments which make a nice statement about the state of their relationship.
  • The end is the most ‘Housian’ moment we’ve had in a while.
  • If you think you’ve seen Robert Sean Leonard at the top of his game, comedically speaking – think last season’s “Known/Unknown” – wait until you see him enjoying dinner at Cuddy’s. It’s funnier than when he proposed to House in “The Down Low.” Robert Sean Leonard delivers the most hilarious bit of the entire episode when Wilson suffers the same treatment House reserved for another party at the table. Priceless!

Source: The Voice of TV